Professional LOCKING-GRIPS


Mod. No. BG-01

Midweight construction for XC and all-mountain use.  

Grab on to the retro '80's-Style Neoprene foam, cleanly updated with a lightweight locking collar for hairspray-free installation.


* Single Locking Alloy Collars with radiused edges and 3mm hex-key socket-screw

* Neoprene foam is dense and grippy 

* Hourglass grip shape (outer-diameter: 31-34-31mm)

* Burly resin locking end plugs protect against let-downs and self-coring.


98g/pair, including end-plugs

*Average Weight

COLORS (left-to-right):

* Black-Foam / Polish Silver-Anodized
* Black-Foam / Polish Gold-Anodized
* Black-Foam / Polish Lime-Green-Anodized
* Black-Foam / Polish Red-Anodized

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