DT Swiss Standard Alloy Nipples - BULK

DT Swiss Standard Alloy Nipples


We've switched to a different (and black) DT Swiss alloy nipple for our production wheels, so we have a lot of these Standard nipples in bulk that we don't need anymore.

Five colours, perfect for customized wheel builds!

Compared to brass nipples, these alloy nipples savea whopping 42g on a 32 spoke wheelset.

***Sold as one lot of approximately 3200 pcs!  That's approximately 50 wheelsets.***

It's possible to break it into a smaller lot, please contact us if you are interested.


Sold "As-Is".



* Material: Aluminum Alloy

* Thread 2.0mm (14 gauge)

* Length 12mm

* Weight 0.3g/pc

* Anodized Colours:

- Silver * 1550 pcs
- Red * 613 pcs
- Gold * 263 pcs
- Blue * 460 pcs
- Green * 320 pcs
Note: All quantities are approximate, within +/-5 pcs.

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