2013 Year In Review!
The OCTTO-Cervélo Team Review 2013 magazine is available here for download in PDF format (click the image below):

High-performance partnership.  The OCTTO Team, sponsored by Cervélo Cycles.
Born of the exciting partnership between the industry-leading bike brand and a high-performance components manufacturer, the Octto-Cervélo Team is ready to grow, ready to race and ready to win. 

Team Mandate
· Road, Track & Cyclocross competition
· Rider personal and professional development
· Brand awareness, promotion and goodwill

The OCTTO-Cervélo Team will enter it's third year in 2014 after being established in 2012. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Team rides, trains and races primarily in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, with forays into the Northeast United States (including New York State and Michigan) and Quebec province. Primarily a road racing team, with a healthy side of track and a strong dash of cyclocross, the Team has two main and related goals: 

· Develop Elite cycling talent by supporting up-and-coming young riders in an environment where they can receive tutelage from the Team’s savvy veteran Elite mentors in the areas of training, racing, strategy, composure, comportation, professionalism, leadership and personal growth. 

· Promote the Team’s sponsored brands through the riders as brand-ambassadors and promoting the Team, it’s riders and sponsors in electronic, print and social media, networking and word-of-mouth in always professional, positive, inclusive and engaging way.

The OCTTO-Cervélo Team is much more than a high-speed advertisement. We maintain a culture of positivity and excellence that extends beyond the hardware we ride on. To support our efforts is to support the essence of cycling – dedication, cooperation and focus. 


The OCTTO-Cervélo Team finished it's second racing season in 2013. Racing mostly in Canada and the North Eastern USA, the Team had another strong season setting a strong foundation for the future. With results in road, cyclocross and track disciplines, the team was dedicated to developing athletes and providing a showcase for the brands that support the Team.

The OCTTO-Cervélo Team attended 82 events in 2013, covering roughly 99 event-days during the 184 day period from March to September. The Team was active in 3 countries and 9 provinces and states. 

In 2013, the distinctive OCTTO-Cervélo Team uniform was seen in these places: 
- Silver medal at Ontario Provincial Criterium Championships in Toronto.
- Bronze medal at the Irish National Time-Trial Championships.
- 2nd place at the Tour di Via Italia in Windsor
- Winner and 4 rides in the top Five at the inaugural Niagara Falls Gran Fondo.
- First place at the Tour of Waterloo.
- Featured in a Cervélo Cycles new bike launch promotional video shown on Cervélo's You Tube Channel and at the Interbike Trade Show.
- Appeared in Cervélo Cycles autumn print catalogue.
- Team riders volunteered at Cervélo's Brain Bike dealer and press camps.
- Team riders volunteered at Cervélo's consumer support booths at Gran Fondo Whistler and Niagara Falls.
- Raced or appeared in Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa, Quebec, British Columbia,  New York, Oregon and Washington States.

2013 Full Roster 
Peter Morse, Senior Elite Men
Osmond Bakker, Senior Elite Men
David Byer, Senior Elite Men
Kevin Black, Senior Elite Men
Bayden Pritchard, Senior Elite Men
Colm Cassidy, Senior Elite Men
Brian Trafford, U23 Elite Men
Will Simonds, Junior Elite Men
Team Management
David Anthony, President
Peter Morse, UCI Licensed Manager
David Byer, Alternate Liaison