Mod.Nos. FM-01 frame, FK-01 fork, HS-01 headset, SP-03 seatpost
Frameset includes: Frame, Fork, Headset and Seatpost.


Stem and other components not included with frameset. Complete bikes available, see below,

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This high-performance OCTTO racing-frame is balanced and neutral, following the Series REFERENCE goal.




Frame (FM-01) and Fork (FK-01) are full carbon-fibre (carbon-fibre reinforced epoxy composite, to be exact).


Frame construction is in 3 monocoque sub-structures:

(i) down-tube/head-tube/top-tube, (ii) BB-shell/chainstays & (iii) seat-stay wishbone which are fit together through sockets and interlocked by the seat-tube.


The entire assembly is first glue-bonded and cured, then each glued-joint is wrapped with carbon and cured a second time for extra durability and a smooth appearance.




Generally, there is an inverse proportionality between lightweight vs. stiffness+durability. FM-01 is neither too light nor too heavy (~1.000kg frame weight, size 56cm), which is good mass for a carbon-frame.


~980g (FM-01, size M)
~370g (FK-01)
*Average Weight


It's main-tubing is good old round cross-sections, no weird shapes, no muscles.

Round tubes have a lovely oval cross-section when inclined such as in a down-tube; a more aerodynamic shape than square-tubes (squareodynamics?).

Meanwhile, compared to true-aerodynamic tubes, round tubes are stiffer laterally (side-to-side), more comfortable vertically and lighter.

So, at this weight and with this tubing shape, FM-01 is neither too stiff nor too flexible.

Lateral stiffness is sufficient for the hard men during the argy-bargy of the sprints.

However, unlike the über-stiff frames designed to win pointless artificial laboratory tests in German magazines, FM-01 is more concerned with being able to rail a switchback on a mountain descent at full speed without skipping. A frame should have a slight and controlled amount of flex, not unlike a downhill ski, to allow proper tracking during cornering. It's a point the stiffest frames on the market miss.

Of course, the FM-01 is sufficiently comfortable for Gran-Fondo'ing, charity rides and even RAAM.



More importantly than the weight, the geometry is the main factor in establishing the ride of the frame. (Dr. Octto has a lot of experience in this regard, as he helped develop the frame geometry at #1 Canadian racing-bike brand in the ProTour).


The frames are available in 6 distinct sizes, each size is consistently longer than the preceding size. That is, all 3 of their reach, the wheelbase and front-centre vary with each size.



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FM-01 Geometry Chart




Front-centre is the forward-analogy of chainstay-length, it's the distance from BB to front-axle. Just as chainstay-length (sometimes referred to as 'rear-centre') affects the traction and balance over the rear-wheel, front-centre similarly affects the traction and balance over the front-wheel which as you can imagine is an extremely important parameter for handling!


Wheelbase, front-centre and rear-centre are intrinsically related by the relationship:




The wheelbase affects the overall handling of the bike. A longer wheelbase slows down the maneuverability but increases the stability (for example, a beach-cruiser) while a shorter wheelbase improves maneuverability but reduces the stability (for example, a unicycle).


A person who is taller will require a longer wheelbase than a person who is shorter. That's because the taller person has a higher center-of-gravity which makes them relatively unstable. To compensate for this instability, a longer wheelbase is is required. Conversely, a shorter and more vertically stable person does not require as long a wheelbase as a taller person.


Reach is a more accurate measurement of frame-length than top-tube length. Reach is defined by the forward horizontal distance between the centre of the BB shell and centre of the top of the head-tube. Reach is geometrically related to the front-centre (as well as the head-tube angle), and by extension the wheelbase, so it gives an accurate length parameter of the rider's cockpit. Top-tube dimension gives no information about it's relation to the wheelbase; top-tube only tells the distance between the head-tube and seat-tube.


Many other brands don't significantly vary their frame-lengths! At first glance, it might seem that they vary the frame length, looking at their the top-tube lengths. However, their reach/front-centre/wheelbase on their frames won't change significantly, especially between medium and smaller-sizes. (A significant change is >5mm, at least.) The height (standover/head-tube length) does change, but that's it. When the frame length doesn't change significantly between size, that means that those sizes will all have the same level stability, regardless of size! That's a problem because shorter frames will be too stable and/or taller frames will be too unstable. In other words, the rider's feeling on the bike will vary depending on their height!


With the OCTTO geometry scheme as the frame sizes get smaller, they not only get lower (standover, head-tube length) but they also get shorter (front-centre, head-tube reach). This means thatregardless of rider height, the rider's feeling on the bike will be the same.


Further, the increased flexibility in fitting options from the reduced standover of the sloping top-tube, give an option to choose frame size based on the desired handling characteristics. If the rider wants a more upright and stable ride quality, then they can choose a one size taller frame size. If that same rider wants a more aerodynamic and maneuverable ride quality, then they can choose one size shorter frame size.


The wide range of lengths of OCTTO stems (L70~130mm) allow a range of frame size fitting options.



The graphics are white-painted panels on clear-coated unidirectional-carbon.

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The white paint-panels are strategically located and sized so they avoid areas that collect grime, specifically: at the brake-pads, in the path of tire-spray, adjacent to crankset, in the path of spittle and sweat, etc.).




OCTTO framesets are also available as complete bikes.

Bikes are built up with OCTTO Components and parts from Campagnolo. Here are some customer examples:



Each complete bike is custom built-to-order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for processing. Contact us for build options and pricing.

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